NMC Recovery

To create an account associated with your old account use 'Login' above to register an account with an email address. Use that email address to email admin@nmcrecovery.com with any information you can provide to verify your identity. When your account is successfully associated you will be able to view your previous account data.

The account registration and login system uses Persona. If you don't have a Persona account you can choose to add one in the pop up window. You will receive an email to confirm. When you click on the link in the email you will be returned to the site and be logged in.

Once you've logged in press home to view your account status and news to get the latest information and updates on progress.

This site is accessible via tor using hidden service rqn5ai4rw6fhwbqx.onion. Note that it will access the Persona login service using a tor exit node and the recovery site functionality using the hidden service.